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Auto Body Paint
New Lusitana only uses the DuPont Paint System for superb performance and durability. DuPont is an international leader in environmentally friendly, high quality, low VOC automotive paints. We use the latest tools in color matching technology with a database of 20,000 solid, metallic, and pearl colors, taking the guess work of matching colors. This enables our certified trained painters to quickly and precisely match the color, hue, and gloss to create a seamless look. We use a WELBILT 2000 downdraft booth to bake the paint to ensure the highest quality and precision. The paint process consists of:
  • Prep: Preparations start for applying the color coat, the vehicle is repaired and cleaned
  • Electrocoat: The vehicle is covered to protect it from overspray.
  • Primer: A primer surfacer is applied to seal the substrate and guarantee good adhesion of paint. After the surfacer hardens, it is sanded and cleaned.
  • Powder Coatings: Next, the paint is mixed to match the exact color of your vehicle.
  • Basecoat: Then the color coat is applied in a spray booth.
  • Clearcoat: Finally, a clearcoat is applied to ensure the gloss and texture of the repaired areas are identical in every way to the original finish. The clearcoat also provides protection against fading, and it guarantees that your vehicle will keep its beautiful color for a very long time.