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Kit Install
Call us for a free consultation! We will help you pick the right Auto Body Kit both in terms of style and proper alignment.

It is important to take great care in choosing an auto body kit. Ensure that the kit is made for your vehicle's specific year, make, model, and trim. This will ensure that the kit fits seamlessly and allow for a perfectly smooth refinish, making the fiberglass look like a part of the original body.

With the multitude of kits available on the market today, it can be confusing to determine which will be best for your vehicle. Let the experts at New Lusitana search for matches so you can pick the one that suits your tastes best. We draw on our wholesale partners to bring you the best price available.

Once the kit has arrived, we meticulously match the panels to ensure a perfect angle and fit. We then remove paint and smooth the area in preparation for painting. Then, we match the exact color of your car using the Dupont Refinish System. Next we paint the affected areas in our paint booth, and bake it for a few hours. Then, we begin our delivery preparations: this includes a wax, buff, wash and clean, a pinpoint quality inspection, a wheel alignment and test drive. Once we are satisfied that we are returning your vehicle in the best possible condition, we hand over the keys to your newly customized vehicle.